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Which is more economical on a hot day, having the window open which increases drag or using the air con? The other problem with driving at 50 on a 60mph road is that people get impatient to do the extra 10mph and will overtake and squeeze in front. This just happened to me a cost me a broken windscreen from a stone chip. The other big saver is making sure your brakes aren’t binding. When I stop on a very slight incline I always release the handbrake slightly and ensure the car rolls a bit. I have practiced “light foot” for many years and get very good fuel consumption.

First appeared in Australia in the 1980s. Possibly in reference to supposedly unsophisticated people from remote outback places such as the Bogan River or Bogan Gate (cf. dubbo from Dubbo). Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional terms may apply.

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This is what gave me the desire to, one day, become an F1 driver. I’m so lucky when I go back to the Renault F1 factory to see the R26 that was driven by Fernando back then. The Agricultural Marketing Service of the U.S.

  • Put simply, all MPG does is tell you approximately how far your vehicle will travel based upon a single UK gallon, which equates to approximately 4.55 liters of fuel.
  • Don’t worry motorsports fans , we managed to find some great books there too.
  • Driving my 2.0 Mundano Diesel at a constant cruise setting of 55mph in 6th returns over 60mpg.
  • While being downloaded 2,708,621 times since its initial release, it has constant updates.
  • However, this Sunday was different — I was up before 6am and there wasn’t any of the de facto grumpiness that’s usually associated with waking up early.

I did things like half engine swaps on VWs, ran motorcycle carbs on Yamaha-head Toyota engines, had different width wheels front and rear, obscure Japanese suspension, that sort of thing. The bike equivalent is Shimergo drivetrains, or mixing MTB with road to get wider gears. You know pull ratios for SRAM/Shimano/Campy and know what works together, and intimately understand and advocate for new BB standards, or things like boost spacing. All other cars except my brand are rubbish. Constantly dreaming about earning enough to own that brand’s halo car even if they don’t have a means to exploit its abilities.

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Spring is the perfect time for sweaters and light jackets. Denim, sweat and college jackets are ideal for your 50s style in the transition period. And in short-sleeved shirts and T-shirts you can survive even the hottest days of the year in 1950s men’s clothing. We aim to bring together petrolheads and venues that really appreciate and support special cars.

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