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Teachers change the lives of millions of children every day—and when we think about all that they are doing for our kids, it moves us beyond words, so we need emojis to say how we feel. Get emoji-tional and share how you love (❤️) like (👍), celebrate (🎉) and care for (😍) our teachers on social media. So how do we thank our teachers for their immense work and the positive impact that they continue to make while social distancing? 1.Go behind the scenes for deeper appreciation.Like behind-the-scenes clips of movies, have a short conversation with staff to find out all they are doing to make their work happen.

  • Before 2020, flexible work options such as work from home, remote working, or telecommuting was seen with a lot of distrust.
  • Appreciating employees shouldn’t be limited to a single day each year.
  • If you can’t have everyone leave the office, a great alternative is to bring a masseuse or chiropractor on-site to help your employees ease the stress of their work environment.
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  • Your employees will enjoy the normalcy that celebrating these dates gives them.

Researchers studying motivation found that when it came to motivating employees, compliments beat out cash bonuses. (Pizza beat out everything, but we’re talking about not spending a dime here.) When someone does a great job, leave a handwritten note thanking them for their valuable contribution to the team. The personal touch shows employees that you care, and they will appreciate that you took time out of your busy day to make them feel special. Or maybe employees are allowed to scoot out early to a kid’s soccer game or a doctor’s appointment. By giving your team flexibility in their day, they will feel less pressure outside of the office, be more loyal and truly believe you don’t just see them as another cog in the wheel.

Employees Feel Great After A Spa Day

Give gift cards to your teacher’s favorite restaurants, shopping places, or coffee shops. Since 1984, the National PTA has designated a full week during the public school year to honor the men and women who lend their passion, skills, hard work, and dedication to educating our children. Throughout Student Employee Appreciation Week, we encourage all supervisors to find a way to let their student workers know — even if it’s virtually — how much they appreciate their work. Drop a note, send a message, grab them a coffee, decorate their workspace or find another way to let them know how valuable they are.

All to ensure every student has the tools they need to reach their full potential. Looking out for the health of your team isn’t just valuable as an expression of employee appreciation, it has clear bottom line benefits. Personal outreach takes just a few minutes of your time, and is an incredibly powerful way to help employees feel appreciated. There are a lot of great tools and techniques out there to help make this happen on a mass scale, Download Staff APK for Android but it’s important to remember to personally thank your teammates for the work they do.

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Provide opportunities and time for your remote workers to access online seminars or recorded presentations in order to hone their skills or develop new ones. If you show a willingness to invest in their personal and career growth, they will feel appreciated. If they’re working from home, some remote workers may struggle to separate their business lives from their personal lives. Show that you understand this problem by encouraging them to take vacation time, and then leave them alone while they’re on PTO. You may also want to contact them early on the occasional Friday afternoon and tell them to take the rest of the day off. Acknowledge their hard work by giving them time away from their task lists.