Use It: Amazing Features Of Exam Preparation Application For Phones You Should Try (Updated).

A bad app will provide only brief instruction, meaning you’ll continue to be uncomfortable with a content area you struggled with. If you have any unanswered questions about a topic, you’ll need more content instruction. A quality SAT app will break down the topic and thoroughly explain it. You should be able to start with limited knowledge on a topic and then, after using the app, understand it well enough to correctly answer related SAT questions.

ASQ has restrictions on the type of calculator you can use in the exam. I have created a Youtube video on using this calculator for statistical calculations. Make sure that you are very familiar with the use of the calculator.

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Speaking of analysis, the app automatically performs an in-depth analysis of your work, provides you with statistics, and displays graphs and histograms of correctness. For each topic covered, there are separate tests, the results of which are displayed in the overall statistics and dynamics. This way, you can easily track your progress and look for weak areas. You can discuss tests with friends, compete, or share your own results – almost like a learning social network! EduRev is one of the few applications that can offer its users not only text information and tests but also video lessons. You should admit that it’s very convenient – Exam Preparation apk many of us perceive information visually better, and video is always more interesting to watch than just looking at pictures.

  • This can help massively and give assurance to the candidates when they undergo the real examination.
  • There are often severe penalties for cheating, including notes on your official record and even expulsion.
  • Launched about six years ago, Google Drive offers a good amount of storage space and is very simple to use.
  • Hello, Pooja after getting graduation result you will apply for all IBPS Exams.
  • This page therefore offers some ideas, based on experience and expert opinion, to help those still quite new to exams.
  • That means you can keep track of job opportunity and even prepare for your examination.
  • Furthermore, the majority of ACT prep apps aren’t customized to your skill level.

Also, it will edify what you have learned and improve your problem-solving skills. Additionally, it will assist you in finding problem areas which you need to plug. To maximize the benefits derived from solving sample and question papers, you should put a timer on. This way you will learn time management, a key component to succeed in the exam.

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It is still a preferred exam prep provider for 3500 worldwide corporate clients who know a thing or two about passing exams. Using a Series 6 exam prep course is one of the most effective ways to study. As with any type of exam prep service, the offerings vary. So, it’s essential to choose a service that best meets your particular study needs and preferences.

Hopefully, “BCS Prostuti” app will be very helpful for BCS, Bank & all kind of Gov’t job preparation. You need BCS Prostuti, the Bangladeshi’s first dedicated android app preparing for BCS exam also Bank and all kinds of Govt jobs exam. Really good information to all new students who want to take IBPS exam first time. i’m facing problem with english,would u please suggest me how to prepare. i have graducation i can apply I.B.P.S exam.and i from rajesthan plz tell me which coaching center is batters in rajesthan. sir I hv completed BCAon 2016 and now i want to apply for IT Officer , so for cracking exam what should i study much , plz give tips and next when IT officer will recruit, thank you sir…….