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The app is free to download, but you will have to deal with ads. The best make up app is compatible with devices running Android 4.4 and above. If you wanna real-time photo-editing application then YouCam Makeup APK is the smart application you must download on your smartphones and tablet devices. There are various effects, styles, hair color, various hairstyles, lens, mascara, and makeup kit with the best products.

Experience beauty shopping like never before, virtually try on a wide range of products virtually and buy all your beauty products in one easy-to-use app. Learn about the best products for you, providing hand-picked solutions from skincare to eye makeup and everything in between. YouCam beauty apps are designed to help users realize virtual beauty, Chang said. Last year, the company also teamed its YouCam Makeup app with QVC to enable real-time, augmented reality-based mobile virtual try-ons.

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All major brands are included here, with the company even offering sales and other promotions to help you save some money on products. The app uses AR to apply makeup effects on your face, making it seem more real than usual. There are makeup tutorials available within the app, helping you get some crucial beauty tips. There’s a global community of makeup lovers with whom you can share your makeover and learn some new things in the process. This app is designed to get people talking and share their beauty tips with each other, making this the most interactive app on our list today.

  • This creates somewhat of a barrier to ecommerce for makeup brands that want to capture consumers’ attention.
  • is our savior when it comes to adding lipstick or a few extra coats of mascara to a lackluster selfie.
  • The application has this younger fan base not only in India but also in countries like the US and China.
  • The app connects into the cameras connected to your PC and lets you use all types of controls.
  • Another excellent option is Adobe Scan that works much in the same way.
  • Since you can save these pictures, you could easily post them on Instagram and no one would ever know it was an altered image.

It makes YouCam Perfect stand out from the rest of selfie camera apps. The app size is pretty much the same as other makeup filter apps, so having all these detailed editing features is a big plus. Perhaps, its most interesting feature is the live cam or “Makeup Cam,” which is rarely Download YouCam Makeup APK for Android offered in most mobile makeup apps. To help promote this feature as well as the brands that are associated with the app, YouCam is recruiting influencers and beauty stylists to live stream tutorials and makeup instructional videos for YouCam’s users to watch. SkypeU Meeting ZoomTwitchOBS StudioXSplitWirecastFacebook and YouTube liveStreaming and meetings can be given a literal facelift by YouCam’s software, as you can add makeup and skin enhancements to look your best. It has over 200 augmented reality effects to choose from, as well as images and custom titles.

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Users can now follow their favorite makeup artist in this software that can like pictures of them. Amazing feature range from exclusive makeup collections & filters to removing watermark & AD-FREE editing. As of now, you could still use this app to follow hottest fashion trends and get tips from fashion specialist and learn more about makeup. This is definitely one app that we would recommend you to try. With Youcam Makeup, you can also change your hair style and hair colour, again in just a few taps.

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