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Other than that keep up the good work and diversify with some other promos. I did everything it ask me to and when I tried to login to my account all I got was error messages so I just deleted it. Every time that I attempted to open the app, it would stay loading “locating” while I could see the main screen.

  • Same message whether I’m at McDo or Macy’s or Starbucks etc.
  • In the below report, we have gathered specific data relating to app downloads and usage.
  • “McDonald’s promoting apple and Android pay in drive through.
  • McDonald’s is finally entering the 21st Century with the US launch McDonald’s of self-service kiosk ordering, mobile payments, and digital menu boards.
  • Then again, there are all kinds of issues associated with geo-restrictions that support may have to deal with instead.

Nothing will load aside from the sign-in portion. The app used to work just fine till I updated it and then it wouldn’t let me log in. So I created a new log in and now the app won’t open at all. I used it frequently but it’s not worth the trouble. Most of the Wendy’s near me do not have mobile ordering set up. Mobile ordering should be easy but instead Wendy’s made it harder.

Mcdonalds Drive Thru

If the Bluetooth isn’t working well with other devices, make sure that your device software version is fully updated. In some cases, the Bluetooth connectivity won’t turn on/off. Therefore, you should reboot your smartphone at first. If not fixed, then boot your device in safe mode and check for the issue. If in case, your handset isn’t discoverable on someone’s phone even after enabling Bluetooth connectivity, then make sure you’ve turned on visibility mode.

To put this 25 million in context, top app Disney+ logged just over 30 million downloads in its launch quarter in Q4 2019. Step back another quarter still to Q3 2019, and the leading app was Facebook Messenger, with a little over 13 million downloads. The real story is TikTok, which has shaken up the app download landscape in the US in a way that few apps have managed in recent years. In Q2 2020, as it did globally, Zoom dominated the app download landscape in the US.

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In 1968, a then-15-year-old Fountaine began working at the Golden Arches and began his collection one year later. These are 17 secrets McDonald’s employees won’t tell you. While the best-known McDonald’s lawsuit in America is the one involving scalding coffee, the company is known in the U.K. The trial—dubbed the McLibel case—still stands as the longest in English history at 300 days, generating 20,000 pages of trial transcripts.

The average person expects their food within fifteen minutes of their order. Now, if you add the amount of time for packaging and delivery, then it’s almost impossible to deliver food without having some effect on the flavor or quality of the food. Same message whether I’m at McDo or Macy’s or Starbucks etc.